• How do I book an appointment?

    For any of our services, whether self-pay or Private Medical Insurance, call 020 8693 9930, email info@dulwichphysioltd.co.uk or complete the contact us form.


    If you are self-pay, you can also use the "Book appointment here" link. For self-pay, payment card details are securely stored by Stripe. This allows for easier payments, automatic receipts and on the rare occasions that an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, collection of appointment costs.  


    If you have a preference for male or female Physiotherapist, please let us know. 

  • I've got medical insurance & may have an excess?

    Different insurance companies & policies have varying levels of reimbursement. When the policy does not meet the full costs of treatment it is the responsibility of the patient to make up the difference.

    Due to GDPR constraints, insurance companies cannot share policy details with us, such as excess to pay.


    For Bupa, Axa, Cigna & WPA clients, we ask for credit card details which are securely stored by Stripe. This is to cover any outstanding balances as the final costs are not known until the insurance company have sent all remittance advice to us.  

    Dulwich Physio invoice the insurance companies on a monthly basis; it can sometimes take 3-6 months for remittance advice/payments to be made to Dulwich Physio. Once all the remittance information has been made, Dulwich Physio will contact you regarding outstanding costs and use the stored credit card to retrieve the unpaid sum(s).

  • This is my first Physio appointment, what should I expect?

    Before the session, we ask that you complete the Patient form in the appointment confirmation email. It has lots of useful information for you, and for us. The form only takes a few minutes to complete. Any problems completing the form, please let us know and we can provide an alternative. 


    Please wear appropriate clothing as the Physiotherapist will want to see the area, eg vest top for shoulders, shorts for knees. 


    During the appointment, the Physiotherapist will ask you questions about what the issue is, how it can impact what you do and other general questions about you & your health. 


    The assessment includes practical components where you may be asked to move around, the Physiotherapist will complete clinical tests which will likely include "hands-on". 


    From this, appropriate treatment, advice and education is given. In-clinic treatment may include hands-on techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations, soft tissue massage, exercise, taping and use of electrotherapy. 


    The Physiotherapist will advise what to do in-between appointments: this could be how to manage the symptoms, exercise, education on your condition. 

    You will have access to a free exercise app which has videos, notifications and timers. 


    You may be asked to complete additional forms dependent on certain assessments and treatments. The Physio will fully brief you if this is the case.  

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Clients are required to give at least 24-hours advance notice of their inability to attend, otherwise a cost is incurred (full payment of session), lose an authorised session of physiotherapy and /or their treatment may be placed on hold.


    This also includes clients who do not show up for their appointment or arrive very late. 


    If you need to cancel, please call 020 8693 9930, email info@dulwichphysioltd.co.uk or complete the contact us form.

  • Are the Physiotherapist's HCPC registered?

    Yes, our highly-experienced Physiotherapists are HCPC registered. 


    To find out more about HCPC registration and what it means click here; or to check the teams registration details, click here.

  • Do I need to see a doctor first?

    For self-pay clients, you are able to self-refer to Physiotherapy without seeing a doctor or other healthcare professional first. 


    If you have Private Medical Insurance (PMI), please check your policy regarding Physiotherapy provision. Some allow self-referral, some require triage first.


    Dulwich Physio Ltd are registered with most major PMI, and are able to help you navigate your way in obtaining Physiotherapy. 






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