Workstation Assessment DSE

Anyone who regularly uses a screen (eg laptop, monitor, tablet & smartphones) for more than an hour a day, should have a workstation (Display Screen Equipment) assessment

It is a legal requirement that employers provide the following for those who work with screens:

  Provide a workstation/ DSE assessment


  Reduce risks from working at a screen 


  Educate those working with screens

  Provide an eye test if requested


What we can offer you:

For £65, Dulwich Physio provides comprehensive workstation assessments with written guidance on practical changes, education and equipment. There is also access to an exercise app, encouraging movement & exercise

The appointment is completed via a real-time video call in the location being assessed. If providing for larger numbers within an office environment, on-site assessments can also be arranged.

We can deliver group-based education sessions too!

To book your workplace assessment:

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